Affiliate Membership

Our Affiliate Membership allows you to showcase your organization and the unique way it serves our community while supporting the Bereavement Network Resources of Sacramento.

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Directory Listing

Place your business listing in our annual directory. We offer this directory free of charge as a valuable resource for those experiencing grief.

Affordable Fee

The introductory rate is $200 for the first year. Your support through membership helps us continue to support the community.

Highlight Your Service

Being a member allows you access to the community we support and the ability to emphasize what sets you apart from your competitors.

Generate Leads

BNRS is highly visible organization in the Sacramento and surrounding areas. Affiliate Members are able to generate leads through our contacts.

Request An Affiliate Membership

Fill out the form to request to become an Affiliate Member. Be sure to indicate your industry.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

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